Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Lowry Crossing holds City Council meetings that are open to the public.
We make the City Council meeting minutes available here on the website for you to catch up on any events you might have missed. These are the minutes of the current fiscal year, starting October 1.
The minutes will be uploaded after they have been approved on the following meeting. 

The minutes from previous years can be found in the Archive page.

Files require Adobe Acrobat reader. Download Here
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City Council2 documents

  • CC Minutes Work Session 10 17 23
    document date 11-16-2023
  • CC Minutes 10 10 23
    document date 10-23-2023

Planning and Zoning1 document

  • Meeting Minutes 10 23 23
    document date 11-29-2023

Board of Adjustment1 document

  • 10 9 23 BOA Minutes
    document date 11-16-2023

Park Advisory Board2 documents

  • Minutes 10 16 23
    document date 11-29-2023
  • Minutes 10 30 23
    document date 11-29-2023